Thursday, September 26, 2013

Biscayne Bay is my best backyard

I was putting together some photographs to submit to Nature's Best Photography "Best Backyards" photo contest. Images can be created in public or private gardens or nearby parks or preserves. I had several from my own backyard, but I also included a couple images from Biscayne Bay. One of the places I launch from on the bay is Matheson Hammock Park, a county park. I typically paddle about 1/3 mile or more to photograph wading birds, but one day last summer I found several birds in a small area next to the launch site. The lighting was beautiful. Normally, the area around the launch site is unappealing for various reasons, most of which it is kind of muddy and messy.

But that morning with the lighting, I noticed that the birds were surrounded by black mangrove roots, which I find to be intriguing. They are finger-shaped roots that stick straight up from the mud; very different from the red mangrove roots (as in the photo right above). What made it more appealing is that the trees were on a mud bank and the roots were relatively high above the water. When I composed a shot, I found that the entire frame was filled with the mangrove roots and their reflections. Nearby, I found a background of red mangrove roots exposed at low tide that also filled the frame and surrounded the bird.  From the small amount of time I had to photograph birds in this one area, I created what turned out to be some of my favorite images of wading birds. The best part was I did not have to paddle far, like being in my own backyard.

Here are a few of those images. For the white ibis above, I darkened its surroundings to highlight it and its cool looking reflection. Enjoy these images of birds from "my backyard".

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  1. Photo 2 is the best. Thanks for the blog and pictures.