Sunday, November 2, 2014

Canoe Explorations of the Everglades

This cold front got me thinking its time to go camping in the Everglades. It is time to take the canoe to new areas to explore, to go back to familiar places and view them with a fresh perspective. This year, I plan to spend longer periods of time in one location before going on to the next location. Photography opportunities in the Everglades are influenced by many things; the weather, tide schedule, time of day, direction of the sun, time of year, marine conditions, etc. If all I did was go out there and spend all my time at one location, I believe the variety of images captured over time would be outstanding because any one or all of those factors will differ on any given day. So it is for that reason I want to keep going back to familiar places.

If I had a dollar for every time I canoed through a new location and said "I wish I had more time here or I wish I had my tripod, or I wish I had my wide angle lens", I could retire today and spend more time there. It is frustrating to travel through a location that just begs to be photographed but because of various factors including lack of time, I have to store away the information and wait for a another time to go back better equipped and with more time.

My passion for photography grew from my passion to explore the Everglades. The canoe came first, then the camera. When I take an image, I have one goal in mind and that is to offer the viewer a chance to feel as if they are there with me, in the Everglades. Someone who has never paddled in the Everglades can be given the sense that they have done this. They can see that the Everglades provides unique offerings to those that paddle through it.

So with that, I give you here some of my favorite scenes from the Everglades, each of them captured during a camping trip.  It's time to prepare for the next camping trip, coming soon.

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