Sunday, September 21, 2014

Backyard anole

What to do in the evening after a long day at work? Not getting out on the water for a couple weeks, I needed a fix. For awhile now I have been observing a little brown anole on our calophyllym tree. After dark, we have a couple LED lights that come on and light up our trees. One light faces the calophyllum tree, which has the most interesting looking bark I have ever seen. The textures are beautiful and when we were told by a Miami Dade arborist that the tree was diseased and would need to be chopped down, we protested to our Condo association. Luckily for us, the association doesn't have the money to pay for tree removal at this time.

A couple evenings in a row, I placed the camera with telephoto lens on the tripod and pointed it toward the lit area of the tree and set the camera in a vertical position. I increased the ISO to 3200, opened up the aperture to 5.6 and got the shutter speed no higher than 1/30. This provided a well enough exposure to see the lizard. I used no additional lighting other than the one pointing at the tree. I then used manual focus to get an area of the tree bark in focus, and waited. Soon, the anole came out and thankfully, between sprints, it stayed in one place for several seconds allowing me to compose a shot.

Not much came out of this photo shoot, but it was fun practicing with my backyard anole. Enjoy these few image.

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