Thursday, January 16, 2014

Celebrating Biscayne Bay

Most days of the week, I commute back and forth to work, a 25-mile trek one way. On a good day, it takes about 45 minutes and I will spare you the gory details. When I describe my commute to those that are not from these parts, their reaction is shock, prefaced with a statement like, "How can you live in Miami". Or at least I can see the big cartoon bubble over their heads when they think it. I even have friends and family that refuse to come to Miami because of the traffic.

On my days off, I can wake up early and drink my coffee in the peace of the predawn morning. In an instant, I can say to myself, "I think I will get on the water this morning". I gather up my canoe and photography stuff, hoist my 39-lb canoe onto my car, make the drive east to the shoreline and be on the water all within an hour's time. Not to mention, my canoe and I can be in the Everglades within two hours.

This is how I can live in Miami.

Miami has Biscayne Bay and there is not a day that goes by when I don't give thanks for that. As I drive east on the 836, I watch the sun rise over the Miami skyline knowing that on the other side of the city, it is rising over the bay. And dang, it's a national park too!

Soon, I will be displaying my work at the national park's visitor center and will be focusing on it for the next several weeks. With that, I celebrate Biscayne Bay and share with you here, a variety of images taken over the years from my favorite bay.


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