Friday, November 1, 2013

Firmly on Terra Firma

Occasionally, I photograph without a boat. In fact, I use to do that a lot. Years ago, I spent many hours at Crandon Gardens in Key Biscayne learning how to photograph birds and other animals (iguanas, for instance) on land. I did the same at Fairchild Gardens where I also learned to use a macro lens and flash. On occasion, I would head out to the Anhinga Trail, also where I learned to photograph birds (up close and personal, which never happens when I am in a boat) and spent time doing so with other photographers that taught me many things.

Recently, I have been going back on old images and some of them have been overlooked primarily because I didn't photograph them from a canoe. In keeping with the theme, I passed over many images and am now considering another category of images to display, those that were taken while the canoe was taking a break and resting at home.

The small collection of images comes from my visits to the Anhinga Trail and the nearby Royal Palm camp area. I examine these photos with the intention of spending more time photographing out of the canoe; but of course, the canoe will always come first.

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