Sunday, July 1, 2012

The spider has a mate

Not one to pass up an opportunity, I went back out to Biscayne Bay on a second day with perfect conditions. Between rain and winds, opportunities like this don't come often during these strange summer months. I had success on Friday, so I thought I would repeat and head to the bird rookery and after that, check out my moth-eating golden silk spider in the creek.

I haven't had a moment to check out my rookery photos, so for now, the topic continues to be the golden silk spider. I found the same spider that I photographed while she ate a moth yesterday, but today there was no remains of the moth in the web. Instead, the spider had a mate.

Spent some time photographing a couple more spiders; one in particular was closer and considerably larger than the first one. I decided to toss a small mangrove leaf toward the web. It instantly got caught in the web and in a split second, the large golden silk was on it. The spider's legs and antennae were all over the leaf, looking for animal protein to consume. After a few minutes, the leaf fell out of the web. I repeated this three times and attempted some photographs. On the fourth try, the spider did not budge after having been fooled.

All photos shown here were shot with sky as background, same with the previous blog's photos. Flash was used on all photos.

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