Sunday, July 17, 2011

Calm, clouds and heat

The combination of the three makes Biscayne Bay an awesome place. I love summers in Miami, only because it is when I spend most of my time on Biscayne Bay. A precious jewel to our city, few know that it exists beyond the few beaches that people frequent.

Today, like yesterday, heated up quickly and the breeze was absent all morning. The water was glazed with sunlight but the clouds and the reflections were dynamic. Using the polarizer filter on the 18-70mm lens, I played with the side light. Today, there would be no photographs of birds (a few spiders, but no birds), and I simply paddled around and photographed the clouds. Having a boat in the waterscape composition adds depth, at least you can appreciate the vastness of the bay. So I took advantage of having Vivian near by as she fished and captured her beautiful Hemlock canoe in the water.

I can be a little more care free taking these photos. I let the sun and its intense light do what it does best and that is to offer severe contrast to the clouds and water reflections. With that I shoot in just about any direction where the sun is at my side or in front of me at an angle. Enjoy these dreamy photos of Biscayne and imagine feeling the sun and the heat.


  1. Beautiful shots. It looks like you are going to paddle right off the face of the earth. I guess you have to keep an eye out for pop up storms in summer though.

  2. Love the blog again Connie. I've just come back from a holiday in Florida. Family one with Disney etc so only time to get one or two shots of dragonflies on the lake near the villa we rented. Some more awesome shots in the bay again. Great job.

  3. Thank you Dina & Cazzie. Cazzie, sorry to hear about disney, :-), but hope you had fun with the family.