Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summers on Biscayne Bay - Blackpoint

Summer is when I have the most time to photograph on Biscayne Bay. I find summer full of bird photo opportunities, especially from the water. Of all the places I launch from on Biscayne Bay, Blackpoint is the least consistent for birds. At low tide, you might find tricolors or green herons along the jetty edge. I've spotted an eagle in the area, and almost always an osprey or two and a few brown pelicans. Ibises congregate sometimes in the trees and you can capture them feeding occasionally near the jetty at low tide. Once, I spotted a large flock of snowy egrets in the trees. During late summer months, gulls and terns (royal terns, herring gulls mostly) congregate around the jetty. Once while sitting near the jetty with the gulls I spotted an extremely large flock of white birds about 500 feet or so from the other side of the channel near the mangrove shoreline. With my telephoto I was able to see hundreds of gulls flying. They had been swimming on the water and all of a sudden lifted off into the sky en masse.

I first became acquainted with Biscayne Bay at Blackpoint. During 2005 and 2006, I took several photos from this area while friends fished from kayaks and canoes. But since discovering some other areas on the bay, I spend less time here.

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